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The Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. In this area a number of planes and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Some reported incidents of ships:

1800 USS Pickering lost with 90 people aboard

1812 USS Patriot

1814 USS Wasp lost with 140 people aboard

1824 USS Wild Cat lost with 14 people aboard

1840 Rosalie found abandoned aside from a canary

1918 USS Cyclops lost with 306 crewmen and passengers aboard

1921 Carroll A. Deering found aground and abandoned

1925 SS Cotopaxi distress call reported the vessel was sinking

1941 USS Proteus lost with 58 persons aboard

USS Nereus lost with 61 persons aboard (sister ship to Proteus)

*Both were sister ships of the Cyclops

1963 SS Marine Sulphur Queen lost with 39 crewmen aboard

2015 SS El Faro found 15,000 feet below the water surface

Some reported incidents of planes:

1945 Flight 19 lost with 14 airmen

PBM Mariner lost with 13 airmen during the search

1947 a B-29 Superfortress reported lost

1948 Avro Tudor G_AHNP StarTiger lost with 6 crew and 25 passengers

Douglas DC-3 NC 16002 lost with 3 crew and 36 passengers

1949 a B-29 with 2 crew missing and 18 survivors found

1962 USAF KB-50 51-0465 lost

1965 USAF C-119 Flying Boxcar of 440th Troop Carrier Wing missing,

debris found

Private ERCoupe F01 lost with pilot and one passenger

2005 Piper-PA-23 lost with 3 persons on board

2007 Piper PA-46-310P lost with 3 persons on board

2017 Turkish Airlines flight TK183 forced to change course due to mechanical and electrical problems over the Triangle

Private MU-2B vanished from radar and radio contact, wreckage found

Meteorologists have formed a theory for the Bermuda Triangle Mystery. Unusual hexagon-shaped clouds create 170-mile-per-hour ‘air bombs’ capable of sinking ships and downing planes.

Other conjectures involve vortices—which are extreme currents and temperature variations affecting electromagnetic fields—magnetic compass variation pointing toward true north instead of magnetic north, along with space-time warp and electronic fog.

Whatever the theory, Bermuda Triangle disappearances remain a mystery.

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