Let's talk about Fall...

Is the season called Fall because the leaves fall?

If so it’s aptly named. Fall is a season when leaves die, even as they’re awash with brilliant colors. Reds, golds, oranges, leaves blaze with brilliance before their demise while others simply turn brown and crisp before they fall.

Regardless, when leaves fall we grab for our rakes. If not, the wind bunches them into clumps outside our doors and they ride in on a gust. Or wet, dead leaves stick to our shoes and boots and follow us indoors, making a clean up necessary.

Fall air smells clean, fresh, and crisp. Rotting leaves do not. Wet ones harbor musty, mildewed odors and can create slippery walkways that lead to other falls.

Bottom line, enjoy the colors of the turning leaves before they fall or you do!

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