Let's Talk about Spring...


You light up my life with longer hours of daylight, and more time to procrastinate—take that jog or hike or not!

Slower options to explore:

A walk or stroll to admire blossoming Cherry trees and budding Crocuses. No need for boots, gloves, or a parka.

The spectacle of a sun shower with its colorful rainbow.

A seat on the deck or a park bench with a quick read like Never Dare a Cowboy, a cup of coffee or tea, and a crunchy snack. An added bonus, a frisky squirrel or a chattering chipmunk could stop by to savor the crumbs.

A visit to a Friday night farmers’ market with its tasty fruits and vegetables, followed by a Saturday morning yard sale with its tempting bargains.

Sights, sounds, smells:

The grass is green.

The birds are singing.

The bees are buzzing, busy making honey or love with their queen in the secrecy of their hive.

The windows are open to the scent of Spring’s fresh air, and a sneeze or two or three if allergies act up.

Regardless what you choose to do or not do, winter with its gray days and cold winds are behind us. Spring is in the air and strawberries and shortcake are not far behind.

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