Let's talk about honky tonks . . .

My Honky Tonk Man is a down-on-his-luck honky tonk musician who mistakes a rich rancher's daughter for a waitress, when she waits tables to help out a friend. Sparks fly until he realizes he’s lost his head over a rich gal, yet again. Will the sweet music they make together be silenced forever?

Along the way, I learned a little about honky tonks, past and present. Honky tonks, saloons, dance halls, and beer halls were all names for the bawdy establishments in the towns of the Old West. The bars served beer and whiskey to cowboys, miners, lawmen, gunmen, and soldiers and were often frequented by gamblers, saloon girls, and soiled doves. Piano players and fiddlers kicked up music for dancing.

Todays honky tonks feature alcohol, live bands, and play all forms of Country Western music for the dancers. The songs deal largely with loving, laughing, drinking, and infidelity. Honky tonk music is a mix of country, swing, pop, and blues and was once looked upon as sinfully as rock & roll at its outset.

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