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   I'm writing a mystery series, featuring Brandi Coleman, Texas Sheriff. In 254      

     Texas counties, only 5 have female sheriffs, and Brandi's one of them!

     My first book NEVER DARE A COWBOY is reissued with revisions to the exciting                                       scenes between J.T. Cutter and Amanda Martin. It is available at

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East Meets West

J.T. Cutter has a Colorado ranch to run - and he regrets the day he decided to take in paying guests. Especially Amanda Martin, the gorgeous but sassy Easterner. Her sassy mouth dares him in more ways than one.

Amanda plans to see his dare and up him one.

When she packed up her heartache and headed for a western retreat in a private cabin, she didn't count on the ranch being owned by a cowpoke like J.T. Cutter. He may be the biggest bully in boots, but he’s also the sexiest man in jeans she’s ever laid eyes on.   

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Devil In Cowboy Boots

When The Devil In Cowboy Boots stalks the man who framed him and stole two years of his life, his consuming vengeance becomes tempered by Mercy, a woman whose suggestive advances and fearless inexperience are as tantalizing as his most erotic fantasies.